Gaëtan Kolly is founder and CEO of French Tonic, international music publishing and sync management company based in Paris. His background includes 20 years experience at the French public radio, notably producing music related broadcasts. Gaëtan has been involved since the 90s in music journalism from fanzines to online magazines, as well as live music programmation. He has also managed Paris baby rockers bands and DJed in NYC Misshapes parties as well as French underground clubs, thereby building a unique vinyl record collection that includes music from all around the world, covering Delta Blues, Post-Punk, Psych, Afro Beat and many other sub-genres without any restriction !

He is a passionate publisher and sync manager, committed to promoting the artists he represents. He has successfully worked with brands such as British Airways, Renault, Ralph Lauren, Mailchimp, Swarovski, YSL, Verizon, Under Armour, Apple. TV shows and film syncs include Stranger Things, Narcos, Elite, Wu Tang Clan/An American Saga, Vampire Diaries, Master of None, KIPO, La French, Madame Claude…