"Moon" for Hyperice US online ad
"Showdown" - Blinky Bill for Horizon Line - UK Film: trailer
"Sola" - La Chica on the US Film "The Offer"
Un Posto Per Un Addio for "The Flight Attendant" on HBO
"Let Love Free" - Fred Fisher Atalobhor on the US movie "Long Weekend"
"Groovy Flute" - Manu Dibango for the CBS TV / Paramount+ launching promo 2021


"The Panther" - Manu Dibango on the US Online ad for Trimble
US TV ad for Michelob Ultra 2020
/ NBA finals / Lakers Locker Room (2020)
Apple - China TV ad 2020
"Bebey" - Theophilus London - Ozark S3 2020
"Rêveries"  on the US TV series Riverdale  2020
Fire & water
"Je suis Négatif" - The Olivensteins on the US TV series Legends of Tomorrow 2020
"I am Somebody" sur Crip Camp
PES 2021 video game
"You Say" - Michael Chapman on the German movie "The Way We Were"
Le Bateau de Tahiti - Maria Candido - UK TV series "Little Birds"
"Let's Work Together" on the NYS gaming commission lottery  NYC Lottery spot
"Boys That Dance" - Ieuan/ "Do The Right Thing" - The Dynamites on the US TV series Paradise Lost
"Gates Of Heaven" on the US TV ad for VW 2020 atlas cross sport
UK online Adidas Skateboard ad
Good Girls
"Move!" - Coca Cola Canada Spot "A Moment Series"
"What's Up With It" - Shoko on the French online campaign for Morgan with Iris Mittenaere 2020
"Passinho Battant" - FAST AND FURIOUS: SPY RACERS (EP. 115)
Wu Tang Clan /
An American Saga
"MDTG" - 'Inigo Montoya on the US TV series Altered Carbon 2020
US TV series Better Things
"Give Your Love" - Da Break for Tik Tok / Fuji Instax / US Tik Tok ad 2019 & 2020
"Rewind" on the Kellogg's UK TV and online ad 2016-2020
Between the World and Me
"The Barber's Island" - Olivier Cahours / Brooklyn 99
"Headblower" - Bullitt for Mango Mistral Europe

2019 / 2013

"Magie Noire" - Inigo Montoya on the US TV series KIPO 2019
Le Tigre For Mini Cooper / German TV ad 2019
"Face The Night" Yeast  - Yeast for the french TV spot Citroën C4 2018
"Suenos" - La Chica on the 2019
Women for Adidas ad
Uncorked, US film 2019
Uncorked, Netflix US Film teaser
"Wish You'd Come Home" - Dumas King on the US TV series Black Lightning
aUS TV series Dollface on Hulu
"You oughta be with me" for Stranger Things
HBO New Pope
« say eligh say grouch » grouch & eligh on the TV spot for Under Armour / Steph Curry UA 
French TV ad for Veolia 2018
"BAGA GIRDIM BAG BUDANMIS" on the Danish TV Series Bedrag
"Ratas" - La Chica on the Spanish TV series Elite
"It's OK" - I Don't Speak French /
Pink Comfy - Victoria's Secret
"Caballo Rojo" - Perlita sur Desi Lydic: Abroad
"Tako Tsubo" - Paris Combo on Huge In France 2018
"The Boy Doth Protest Too Much" by Stuart Turner and Flat Earth for House Husbands
"The Night I Found Out" - xavier cobo Magic and Naked on Sneaky Pete on Sneaky Pete
Napolitan Fix
 "She's Crafty" - Blackmail on White Famous
"The Panther" - Manu Dibango on Snowfall
"Je Représente" - Billy Bats, "Tu Sais" -
Arm & Tepr / "Les Flammes du Mal" Passi
on Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
Yeast for the Netflix UK film Rip Tide 
Renault Twingo
"Watcha Waitin' for" - WMC on TV add US Verizon
Palms Hotel
Joy Boy for the US online ad for MailChimp/Jailblimp
Total online ad
L’amore mio sei tu / Piccola bambina bionda & E Te Dico Ti Amo on Senor Avila
Luis Miguel - Mexican Netflix TV series
The Offspring season 7 - Australian TV series
"Love So High" - Raphael Top Secret & Nelson Bishop - 24 Hours To Live
Online spot for Ralph Lauren
 Vampire Diaries
"Forest Nativity" - Francis Bebey on Master Of None S 2
Army of One
"Dien I Notch" - Natacha Et Nuits De Princes on Shut Eye
Fonkynson for the german movie Fixi
Sunshine,  Australian TV series
Cyrillus online ad
French TV ad for GMF 2014
French TV ad for FNAC mobilité and communication
Novo amor / Adrift